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What is Step?

Step is a revolutionary mobile app that lets you earn crypto for your fitness efforts. 


Phase 1.

NFT holders will get instant access to the already existing STEP mobile application. Users must verify their wallets in order to earn Crypto while walking. 

Phase 3.

The Step Fitness Metaverse will be launched. The Virtual Reality game will allow users to workout from home and earn Crypto.

Current Perks of the Step Metaverse : 

- Users will be able to rent billboards in the metaverse, allowing them to earn a side income by enabling companies to market their brands on them. 

- Choose what virtual landscape to jog on, with various maps available. 

- Earn Crypto while working out from home.

- Various workout features and modes.

Phase 4.

Stepping Forward - Our goal is to underpromise and overdeliver.


The STEP team is working hard every day to ensure that all promises are met and will deliver surprises along the way that are not mentioned via the current RoadMap.

We thank you and welcome you to the best community in the space.

Phase 2.

STEP into the mainstream fitness world and partner with some of the world's biggest fitness companies and celebrities. Our goal is to be a mainstream company recognized as the world's best move-to-earn fitness application.